Jody Jernigan

TRI004: A Conversation with Jody Jernigan

In this cause-driven conversation we learn of Jody’s career travels throughout his 18 year history with the YMCA around the country. His ups and downs, highlights and learnings. Can you count how many different YMCAs Jody has worked at so far through his 18 years? There’s never a dull moment. Jody is always learning, mentoring […]

TRI003: A conversation with Jovče Krstitelče & Darko Vidanovski.

“Triangulation” Cause-driven Conversations. Featuring: Jovče Krstitelče & Darko Vidanovski of the YMCA Bitola, Macedonia. Yamplify.TV speaks with these two young men who volunteer at the YMCA Bitola in Macedonia. The topic is mostly about Y-Movie, their youth empowering video production program and how their current catalog of 72 videos serves the *mission* of the YMCA […]